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The Iota All Sports Backers are exactly ALL SPORTS BACKERS organization.  When you support the backers these are the things that are being paid for.... This list will continue to grow as we find new ways to improve the facilities and equipment needs for all of the IHS sports teams while making it more affordable for athletes to participate in sports. 


Please support your teams by helping us help your child.

  • Shoes for each sport for the last 2 years

    • Football cleats

    • Boys basketball shoes

    • Girls basketball shoes

    • Softball

      • Turf shoes

      • Grass cleats

    • Baseball

      • Turf shoes

      • Grass cleats

    • Track shoes

    • Volleyball shoes

  • Powerlifting entry fees

  • New uniforms (Home & Away) for all sports….which is 10's of thousands of dollars just this expense alone!!! 

    • Old uniforms normally get handed down to middle school, but this year we bought new girls basketball uniforms for middle school

  • Bus & fuel costs

    • The buses cost $5,000 per year from the leasing company

    • These buses are used for ALL high school & middle school sports & activities

    • Fuel costs is approx.. $1000-$1500 per quarter

    • Charter Buses for Playoff Trips for ALL SPORTS

  • Athletic awards

  • Letter jackets

  • Equipment needs for all sports

    • Knee pads for volleyball

    • Tennis balls

    • Basketballs

  • Athletic trainer’s equipment

  • Volleyball Lockers 

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