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Prize A Palooza

Our Prize-a-Palooza tickets will go on sale Monday! A winner will be picked every day throughout the months of December. We have some amazing prizes this year! Get with any IHS athlete for your tickets.

Prize-a-Palooza 2019_final_Page_1_edited

Suzanne Callahan

No Winner

No Winner

No Winner

Christine Parsley

Alacia Manuel

Paula Duhon

No Winner

Judia Lacombe

Amy Simmons

No Winner

Susan LaCombe

Donald Rickey Fontenot

Amy Nelson

Jeff Richard

Belinda Hebert

Donnie Fontenot

Amy Covalt

Beth Ardoin

Mark Faul

Ron Oakley

No Winner

No Winner

Kate Beasley

No Winner

No winner

Jamie Gobert

Jackie Reed

Timmy Guidry

Lance Benoit

Tessie Fuselier

Prize-a-Palooza 2019_final_Page_2.jpg

Click PDF to Download a printable version of the Prize A Palooza Information

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